Our Design Services

Advertising Design

The wrong advertising design can actually have a negative effect on the sale of your product. At LittleStudio we carry out extensive research in order to create an advertisement design that sells your product or service. By using tried and tested approaches, our skilled team of designers will amplify the message within a solid presentation.

LittleStudio can help you develop a cohesive advertising media strategy to maximize your budget and reach the most potentials within your target audience. Our team will guide you in making the right choices to maximize your exposure and follow-up on all the details. Too often, graphic designers are more concerned with their artwork than with your sales. We produce advertisements that are not only visually captivating; they also entice consumers to buy.

NUIG ICT Poster Design

Direct Mail Advertising

Although it seems as though the Internet has taken over the advertising world, direct mail advertising does still hold a lot of sway namely because of its ability to target specific potential customers and create mailing lists of every imaginable demographic classification. Unlike the mass generic emails that are sent daily and usually ignored, direct mail advertising offers a more personalized touch. It gives your business the opportunity to mention new products, services, and promotions to existing and potential customers. A well-planned, well-designed and implemented direct mail campaign will increase your branding potential and help you bring in new customers.

Take a look at our graphic design portfolio to see what makes our advertising & marketing concepts standout!